Shockey Monkey Report Engine
Posted: 2:44 pm
April 17th, 2013
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Over the years reporting has always been a highly requested feature inside of Shockey Monkey. The biggest issue that we have faced with reporting has been trying to please everyone. While one user may absolutely love everything about the pre-defined reports, other users consider them useless. Well we believe that we have come up with a solution to fix that issue. Dynamic Reporting; we let you pick the information that is critical to you and your company, and then generate a report based on top of that template. Unfortunately this feature is not quite ready yet, we are hoping in a few weeks.

However, let’s go over the basics of how this works.

  1. You pick a type, (Ticket, Contact, Company, etc)
  2. Based on that choice optional fields will populate under [Report Filter].
  3. Create the report.
  4. Run the report.
  5. Some reports will take a long time to generate, based on the type and filters.
  6. View the generated report after is has finished, (instantly).

We also understand that this Dynamic Engine will not be able to produce every single (detailed) report that may exceed outside of the scope of dynamic generation. So we will also have (revamped) pre-defined reports, that may be executed on the fly.

Employee – Billable Ticket Summary is the first report that we’ve added to the system and is CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. This report generates an overview of your Employees billable time inside and across all tickets within the provided date range. You can see from the screenshot below how this looks, across several employees.