Bug Fri.. err, Monday.
Posted: 8:03 pm
May 22nd, 2013
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Announcements, Bug Fixes

Recently, we implemented “Bug Friday” for the ExchangeDefender solutions and Shockey Monkey platform. We will address ExchangeDefender bugs one week and Shockey Monkey bugs the following–alternating back and forth. Being that last week was a pretty busy week for us in and out of the office, we postponed our scheduled Shockey Monkey bug fix from last Friday to Monday of this week. So without further ado, here are the bug we squashed (repaired). To our partners who assist us in making our solutions and platforms better: Thank You!

1.) The Client-Billable Time Report now displays all tickets for clients with billable hours;

2.) Invoices can now be emailed to clients;

3.) Employee passwords can now be changed;

4.) Email notifications now include the priority of the ticket and not its numeric value (ex. Priority: 16 changed to Priority: Normal);

5.) Issues with duplicating email ticket notifications have been resolved; and

6.) You can now create assets for both contacts and companies.

Michael D. Alligood,
Partner Communications Manager
Shockey Monkey
877-546-0316 x707