Developer’s Journal – Shockey Monkey Reporting
Posted: 5:56 pm
May 8th, 2013
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This week we have returned our development focus to Shockey Monkey Reporting. You may remember from earlier last month we released our first revised report:

Employee – Billable Ticket Summary

  • This is a report that will generated the billable time across service tickets for an employee based on time entry against those tickets.

Since then we have added several new reports to this engine and are very pleased with the results. We have also made sure that every single report is printable; we know this has always been a huge feature request.

Employee – Billable Time

  • This report gives you a calculated total of billable ticket hours for a given employee.

Clients – Active Summary

  • This report gives you an overview of your clients and the last time a touch or invoice was created for them.

Clients – Billable Time

  • This report gives you an overview of your clients and billable time entered against their tickets.

Internal – Inventory

  • This report gives you an overview of the inventory currently listed within your portal.

Since this re-write of our report engine began several months back, we talked about a dynamic report engine. This engine would allow you to customize and build a report of the current information inside of your portal. We have finished the first section: Tickets and have added it into the reporting engine.

*BETA* – Report Templates

This section allows you to manage your report templates. You can add/edit a template or select the desired template and generated a new report, which will be saved for viewing at a later time. Clicking on the Last Generated date, will open the currently generated report.

*BETA* – New Report

This section is where you will create a new report template or edit and existing one. You will notice at the top of the page, you can enter information about the report template. Then below that section you assign filters and decide which columns should be visible in the generated report.

*BETA* – Generated Report

Upon viewing a generated report you will see something like this, depending on the columns you marked as visible and the report filters that were configured. As mentioned before, this report is printable along with every other report in this new system. Upon clicking the print button, it will open a new window with the printable information.