Experimental Features
Posted: 8:53 pm
May 28th, 2013
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With the release of Shockey Monkey v.3 this year, we added a section under the Settings tab called Experimental Features. As the name suggests, these are features we are testing to determine their practicality within the support portal. The overwhelming majority of those who have implemented the features have raved about their ability and also their functions. However, it occurred to me during a phone conversation with a Shockey Monkey partner that all our subscribers might not know these features. This was simply an oversight on my end due to my close proximity to the platform and something I hope to rectify with this blog post!

It needs to be mentioned that only persons assigned the role of an Admin can access the Settings tab where the Experimental Features section is located. No Employee roles have access to the Settings or Corporate tabs. Therefore, if you do not see a Settings tab after logging in, you do not have Admin rights. Consult a person with Admin rights to consider the Experimental Features discussed in this post.

To consider and test the Experimental Features for your portal:

1.)   Log in with Admin privileges;

2.)   Locate and click on the Settings tab;

3.)   Find and click on the Experimental Features section.

You should now see something similar this image below:

Under the Service Board section, you will notice four checkboxes. Checking and unchecking the boxes with enable or disable the feature respectfully. Let’s take a look into each one and go over the features individually.

  • Show [Ticket #] in ticket listing – When enabled, this will display ticket numbers inside your Service Boards. These ticket numbers cannot currently be modified. Feature requests have been entered to our Development Team for consideration.
  • Show [Assigned To] in the ticket listing – When enabled, this features displays the name of the person that the ticket is assigned to (if anyone). The name will appear next to the ticket on all Service Boards.
  • Highlight tickets that are assigned to me in the ticket listing – When this feature is enabled, all tickets assigned to you will be highlighted in yellow. This makes finding tickets assigned to you  easier when viewing any Service Board.
  • Allow clients to [close] tickets – As described, enabling this feature allows your clients to close tickets. Many firms leave this feature disabled, as they like to review the tickets to make sure items were handled properly before closing.

The last feature is Chat.

With Chat, you can enable to disable the chat ability within your portal. When enabled, your clients can enable a chat session within the portal to speak with someone concerning technical support, billing, pre-sales, etc. When your employees log into your company’s portal, they will see if your clients have initiated a chat session.

If you haven’t tried these experimental features within your portal, I highly recommend you check them out. We are continuously working on Shockey Monkey to make it everything you need to run your business as simple and convenient as possible. We are listening! If you have feature requests that you would like considered for future releases of Shockey Monkey, logged them under Community > Feature tab inside your Own Web Now Support Portal (https://support.ownwebnow.com/). The Development Team has quarterly code-review meetings to go over all the Feature Requests and Bug Reports that our partners (and occasionally the support staff) submit, so I can assure you that the right people will see them.