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On the Road Again
Posted: 4:06 pm
June 7th, 2013
Announcements, Events

June has turned out to be a busy month for ExchangeDefender and Shockey Monkey! Thank you all who stopped by our booth during the Autotask Live conference this week. It is always a pleasure to talk to our partners face to face. With that said, ExchangeDefender and Shockey Monkey will be represented at the following events in the month of June:

12th International Cloud Expo
June 10th – June 13th
Javits Center, New York City

ASCII Baltimore
June 12th – June 13th
BWI Airport Marriott

Level Platforms MSP Community Summit
June 17th – June 19th
The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

If you are attending any of these events, drop by our booth and let’s talk about your business and how a partnership with ExchangeDefender can assist your company in increasing its service revenues.

If you are unable to attend any of these events, shoot me an email at or phone call at 877-546-0316 x707. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about ExchangeDefender services and our Shockey Monkey platform.

Michael D. Alligood,
Partner Communications Manager
ExchangeDefender | Shockey Monkey
877-546-0316 x707

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Bug Fri.. err, Monday.
Posted: 8:03 pm
May 22nd, 2013
Announcements, Bug Fixes

Recently, we implemented “Bug Friday” for the ExchangeDefender solutions and Shockey Monkey platform. We will address ExchangeDefender bugs one week and Shockey Monkey bugs the following–alternating back and forth. Being that last week was a pretty busy week for us in and out of the office, we postponed our scheduled Shockey Monkey bug fix from last Friday to Monday of this week. So without further ado, here are the bug we squashed (repaired). To our partners who assist us in making our solutions and platforms better: Thank You!

1.) The Client-Billable Time Report now displays all tickets for clients with billable hours;

2.) Invoices can now be emailed to clients;

3.) Employee passwords can now be changed;

4.) Email notifications now include the priority of the ticket and not its numeric value (ex. Priority: 16 changed to Priority: Normal);

5.) Issues with duplicating email ticket notifications have been resolved; and

6.) You can now create assets for both contacts and companies.

Michael D. Alligood,
Partner Communications Manager
Shockey Monkey
877-546-0316 x707

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Shockey Monkey v.3.0
Posted: 9:57 pm
January 14th, 2013
Announcements, Deep Dives

With the official release of Shockey Monkey v.3.0 in December, we also wanted to address its’ blog and social media outlets to bring more consistant and meaningful content that will assist you further in thoroughly understanding and navigating the newly designed Shockey Monkey portal. We are revamping the content to follow a standard company workflow process that is inherently built into Shockey Monkey v.3.0. This strategy has already been implemented, and can be viewed, on our website under Quick Start.

In designing Shockey Monkey v.3.0, its User Interface and additional content on the website; we wanted to make items much easier to locate based on your role within your company. Here are a few examples.  If you are responsible for Human Resource items, you will spend the majority of your time within the Business module. If your duties primarily include providing solutions to support/service requests, then you will definitely be working within the Support module most of your shift. The same goes for corresponding roles in Sales, Marketing, and Accounting. We wanted to make sure that information, based on the role that you currently hold within your company, was effortless to find and was easy to navigate to within the portal.

Starting this month, we will be delivering content for each of the five primary roles embedded within Shockey Monkey v.3.0: Business/HR, Marketing, Sales, Service/Support, and Accounting. Our plan is to deliver weekly content in the form of blog posts and deep dive guides on the subject of each of the five modules. So in the month of January, we will be discussing the Business/HR module in further detail. Then, in February, the Marketing module will be discussed, so forth and so on, until we have covered each of the five primary roles. Check in on our progress by visiting our Shockey Monkey Blog or Facebook page.

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Shockey Monkey University
Posted: 7:12 pm
March 14th, 2012
Announcements, Uncategorized


Thanks for your support and business over the years, Shockey Monkey has been growing tremendously! We have also done our fair share to promote our management platform and deliver the solutions that have made our clients grow exponentially –and now we’re training new staff, getting up to speed with the new technology and changes to our existing systems.

What we offer is very simple and you should be able to go from a novice to an expert in no time! That is our goal and here is how we are doing it:

Introducing Shockey Monkey University!!! Shockey Monkey University is located at and is our process of delivering support training to our partners and users. We have always had the Shockey Monkey Jungle Forums and the Shockey Monkey website but we have never had a landing page that would help train users on the product from start to finish and link in all the relevant information in one convenient location.

What to Expect

Whether you are a current user of Shockey Monkey or just interested in working with us, Shockey Monkey University is a great resource for you to use in order to have a successful partnership with Shockey Monkey.

During the upgrade to Shockey Monkey Reloaded, we have added all kinds of new information which is included within the Shockey University. We have a Training section where we have all of our deployment guides available to assist you with the set-up, implementation, and usage of our services. There is a section titled Integration Guides which includes all of the integration set-up instructions and capabilities. Also, along the top row there are individualized resources depending on which of the 4 main categories of users that you fall into:

  • Accountant
  • Business Owner
  • Technician
  • Service Manager

Included within these links are specific ways in which Shockey Monkey can be used based on the role. Also, there are specified workflows and process document links available to help you and your company make the most informed and accurate business decisions while using Shockey Monkey.

In addition to all of that, there is a step-by-step walk through process of how to successfully set-up and use Shockey Monkey. It runs through the Portal Set-Up and Login, Navigation and Account Management, the Service Manager Dashboard, Managing and Account Features, and how to go about Getting Help through the Shockey Monkey Jungle/Forums. Just click on the big blue arrows towards the bottom of the page to get started. When you are finished there is a link in the last step that will bring you back to the Shockey Monkey University homepage.


Shockey Monkey University is a great tool to utilize – and a great site to bookmark and refer to! Please take advantage of it – its purpose is to help you every step of the way! And of course, if you have questions or suggestions as to what types of information you would like to see in the Shockey Monkey University…don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Shockey Monkey Reloaded PR
Posted: 3:00 pm
January 12th, 2012

ORLANDO, January 11, 2012 – Shockey Monkey Inc. announces the release of V 2.0, Shockey Monkey Reloaded. Shockey Monkey Reloaded is the first major upgrade to the free IT business management platform, with a new user interface that was designed from the ground up to be Free, Friendly, and Flexible.


Shockey Monkey was launched in August 2010 with the goal of providing a simple and efficient tool to help solution providers and MSPs manage their business operations and customer service. The solution initially included a brandable web portal, support board, customer relationship management, project management, billing and accounting, service scheduling, inventory and service provisioning management. While most of Shockey Monkey was free initially, some of the more advanced features required a Pro subscription – something that Shockey Monkey Reloaded has eliminated entirely. All clients have been upgraded to Reloaded portals and can begin taking advantage of the full feature set at no cost. Shockey Monkey Reloaded delivers a wealth of valuable tools for any IT business, including our new client Chat feature, Windows32 Desktop client, applications for iPhone and Android and a suite of HR functionality for greater organizational efficiency and communication.


Shockey Monkey Reloaded’s most important benefit is its integration partnerships with leading industry vendors including n-Able, CentraStage, Level Platforms, Quotewerks, Kaseya, GFI Max, Intronis, Labtech and Intuit Quickbooks. Third party applications and services play a huge part in delivery of technology services today so a smooth integration is critical. Shockey Monkey features a true open API available at without the terms, contracts and restrictions that are common in the PSA industry. By giving both users and third-party developers unrestricted access to the platform, Shockey Monkey becomes a natural layer of functionality to give clients a better process-oriented view of service operations.


Shockey Monkey’s open platform has already attracted some major integrators and sponsors. It’s clear that it will be the business management platform choice of startups and IT companies looking to reduce cost and complexity. With all the features included free of charge (for single and multiple user solution providers) the hope is that everyone will try Shockey Monkey. For those organizations that need more advanced support and assistance, Pro subscriptions are still available offering phone, web and email technical support.

Shockey Monkey is a sponsored web application, and it gives technology vendors access to the type of emerging solution providers that manage more and more end user technology every day. With the singular purpose of serving end users’ needs, Shockey Monkey is both the platform that solution providers and MSPs need to use and the one that vendors want to sponsor, because process-oriented companies tend to be more stable and accountable, and grow faster overall. Technology vendors can sponsor Shockey Monkey in numerous ways and even launch technology licensing alliances where the full functionality is embedded into a third party product under a completely white-labeled experience.

It’s easy to see why over 7,000 IT Solution Providers have chosen Shockey Monkey already, and we’re just getting started. To learn more about Shockey Monkey please visit

# # #

For more information, press only:

Kate Hunt, 877-546-0316 x777,

For more information on Shockey Monkey:

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Getting Started in 10 Minutes
Posted: 12:53 am
December 23rd, 2011
Announcements, Features

sm10Perhaps the second biggest goal we had with Shockey Monkey Reloaded was to make it easy to use. Truth is, if you don’t use it the attempt to process-orient your business will just never happen. If you plan to make plans to organize your data and process in an effort to make a switch… you’ll find it that it never happens because you’ll never find the time to get everything together. This is why CRM and management systems fail in such huge numbers – if you had the capability to be organized you’d already be organized. Thankfully, for the rest of us normal busy people there is Shockey Monkey.

It won’t take months or weeks or days or phone calls or webinars. All you need is 10 minutes.

Click here to download the 10 minute guide.

It’s as simple as 1-5 and truth is, it takes less than 5 minutes to go through the steps. The last five minutes are to customize the card and let your clients know about it.

You need to start tracking your time and your activities. Don’t get bogged down with getting everyone involved or every tool integrated or every RMM reporting or figuring out where you saved your 2004 invoices. Just login, fill out some information, add your largest client and start tracking your interaction with them.

You will find it that just you, by yourself, will realize incredible productivity gains that you will do everything you can to involve everyone else. All your employees. All your vendors. All your customers. Life is just so much easier and less stressful with Shockey Monkey.

And now it’s even faster to get started. So what are you waiting for, do it right now.

P.S. Want the postcard template showcased in the guide? Get in touch with us, we’d love to hook you up!

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Shockey Monkey Remote Beta Available NOW!
Posted: 8:06 pm
December 14th, 2010

Shockey Monkey Remote is an agent-based application that allows you to remotely monitor and view your users desktops, collect inventory information, receive alerts when the system goes down and collect event logs from managed systems. After over two weeks of very thorough testing, we are excited to make the beta available free of charge to all Shockey Monkey users.


Check out what it can do for you right now:

Remote Desktop – Remotely view and control your users Windows PC and support them in realtime. Remote view is based on the VNC technology and works really well over low-bandwidth connections.

Downtime Alerts – Instantly see which systems under your control are down.

Full Event Log Collection – Windows Event Logs include everything from hardware problems to software issues. Know before your users do and help them address it.

Asset Inventory – Know exactly what kind of hardware is out there, which software version is installed on it and help track your assets better, automatically.

Autoupdates – Beta will automatically update as fixes are rolled out. You don’t have to manage agents out in the field, all you have to do is install them.

Here are a few sneak peaks:



Of course, the true power of the solution only comes out when it’s integrated with the way you work and when the users are aware of it. This is a consumer RMM of sorts, we think managers and business owners will rely on it to access their office PCs from home and more. All while relying on your Shockey Monkey portal.

Please, please read the documentation first (it includes information on how to download the customized agent for your organization):

Shockey Monkey Remote Installation Guide

Shockey Monkey Remote Web Management Console

If you want a more technical discussion beyond this documentation, please consider downloading the webinar Hank and Vlad presented:

Shockey Monkey Remote Video

Development Roadmap Update

Picture1First of all, the big news this month is that we have a new office dedicated to Shockey Monkey and helping the platform grow.


We will be spending the rest of December perfecting the Shockey Monkey Remote software and planning to have a full stable release ready around Christmas. We are also continuing to tweak the iPad (iOS/Safari) interface so that the full functionality of Shockey Monkey is present on tables. As for native applications for the iPhone, iPad, Desktop app and the like – we have a new developer joining us this week to continue working on those exclusively.

All in all, it has been a tremendous year for Shockey Monkey. Thank you for helping us grow it and huge thanks to those of you who upgraded to the Pro version that helps us fund the development and push Shockey Monkey forward.

Happy Holiday Season, keep your eyes on our blog for the cool new things coming out around the holidays!

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Shockey Monkey Accounting Deep Dive
Posted: 3:31 pm
October 8th, 2010
Announcements, Webcasts

Yesterday we held our townhall meeting to discuss the new Shockey Monkey Accounting module. As with all things Shockey Monkey, about 99% of it is absolutely free. This is because 99% of it is absolutely essential for the business operation of the MSP 2.0 – one that deals with the cloud, with the steel, with the people and everything in between. Here is a snapshot at a glance:


This flat view really doesn’t do Shockey Monkey any justice and the amount of attention to detail in this solution is immense. We are also preparing you for the future – where you will have a new level of billing efficiency to remain profitable and successful.

Start with the Accounting Features page.

Next, go to the Accounting Documentation page.

Finally, watch the video of yesterday’s webcast. (hint: you can right click to save to desktop if you want to watch it later)

Most importantly: use it! We are not joking when we said we wrote the monkey because we wanted people to use it. Less than 10% of the IT Solution Provider market has a PSA solution and we bet the overwhelming majority of those aren’t using all the systems they have due to the complexity that is involved in a highly vertical specialized app. This is where Shockey Monkey can help you immensely.

One more thing.. everything you see from Shockey Monkey was built by it’s users and partners. We are actively developing the solution so by all means please fill out the survey and let us know what you want to see next. We aim to please!

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ShockeyMonkey does Accounting, Invoices & Sync
Posted: 11:51 pm
October 5th, 2010
Announcements, Webcasts

Ever since we launched Shockey Monkey we’ve vowed to make the accounting part of business simple and fun. Money makes the world go round and everyone works hard for it – so there is no excuse for ever letting it slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, it does because sometimes we fail to properly account for everything we do and make it one easy, seamless process of getting paid. What if just sending an email would drastically improve your ability to get paid? What if there was something so specific, so fool proof, so easy to use that you can’t live without it?

No need to wish anymore, Shockey Monkey Accounting is here.

As you’ve probably come to expect from us, it’s also free. Gratis. Zero. Zip. Nilch.

Please register for the webinar, this Thursday at noon EST:


During the webinar you will have an opportunity to register for the advanced onboarding and Quickbooks setup & configuration hands-on! Here is a glimpse at all the power and flexibility we’ve built as a part of Shockey Monkey accounting systems.


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Introducing Service Manager
Posted: 3:16 pm
September 10th, 2010
Announcements, Features

During the launch of Shockey Monkey we talked a lot about the consumerization of IT – how IT departments, and us as managed services providers, will have to deal with clients demanding IT services in business that they get on their personal computers, phones and devices. Ever heard this one:

“How come we have to spend all this money when I can just send files and collaborate through and”

This is the cloud services trend that we are seeing and it is not one we can fight effectively through scare tactics of compliance, regulation and corporate security – users tend to do whatever it takes to get the job done and will eventually displace the IT managers and MSPs that stand in their way, even with the best of intentions.

With the design of Shockey Monkey we wanted to enable MSPs to embrace the consumerization and offer clients a simple, easy to use interfaces and processes that require little hassle in making the transaction and an agreement.

With Service Manager, Shockey Monkey enables you to become an instant cloud services provider. The future of the service manager will transform how you sell software and services as well. Think of it this way: If you make it easy for clients to buy your services, they will.

Powerful Integration with Own Web Now

service-manager-setup2Currently, the only services available are from Own Web Now. We anticipate to use it as a showcase to help third party vendors include their products in Shockey Monkey for you to resell. Through the API we can automatically link your Shockey Monkey with a third party web service:

service-manager-priceconfigReselling services comes at a cost that managed services provider incur to procure, deliver and configure the service. Shockey Monkey enables you to set your pricing defaults and markups so that your clients can tell what they will be paying for the service when they sign up for it. Since your clients pay you directly, the cost and margins are controlled by you.


disable-billingShockey Monkey can also keep your clients billing information up to date. For those of you that have SAS 70 audits, keeping client data up to date is critical and you can prompt for periodic updates right when the client signs in. For Service Manager purposes, entering into new agreements and service subscriptions means that the subscriber would have to agree to the terms and pay with a credit card. If this is how you operate, which is the best practice, Shockey Monkey Service Manager will prompt for a valid credit card when the client attempts to sign up for a service. If you bill for services through a third party, or do not wish Shockey Monkey to collect credit card information on your behalf, you can turn this feature off and your client will never be prompted for the credit card information. This setting is controlled through the Company tab by checking or unchecking “Disable Services Billing Info” feature.

email-notificationsBranding is critical in both preserving your business as the service provider as well as delivering useful information and notifications with the service subscription confirmation. Service Manager comes with default notifications that are sent to the user when they sign up for the service. You can customize those notifications through the Settings pages.

add-additionalsFinally, the actual service provisioning and configuration is a snap. The example illustrated here features Exchange 2010 order and shows the bare minimum of information required to setup an Exchange 2010 hosting service. As the user goes through the wizard they can add multiple mailboxes, setup email addresses, passwords, etc. The interface also provides helpful visual and service related information queues as the order is put together by the client. The overall design direction is to collect the minimum amount of information required to establish the service because our goal is to sign the client up and get them going. Once they are in the system, the more powerful dashboards and configuration screens become available for advanced configurations and powerful management.

The Future

Service Manager is about the future of how software, service and management contract subscriptions will be managed. Managed services providers need to become more agile and more flexible in the way services are delivered and purchased.


What you can expect in the future? Since the launch of Service Manager last week we have been contacted by many MSP vendors who wanted to offer their services through the Service Manager. Likewise, many of our Shockey Monkey customers wanted to offer their own, in-house solutions as a part of the service manager.

Think of a world in which all of your services are available through your portal and all you wake up to is orders streaming in around the clock. We hope Shockey Monkey is the center of that world!

Important information: Live presentation of this feature and many of the Q&A associated with it was recorded last week and is available for your viewing pleasure.

Click here to download the video.

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