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Shockey Monkey – Feature Requests
Posted: 9:43 pm
January 21st, 2014
Bug Fixes, Features

We’re trying to start this year off right and have made every effort to squash bugs and implement highly requested features! You may have noticed my recent posts on Facebook as an effort to help keep everyone informed about various features that are implemented. The updates I post will span across various products and will hopefully help open up our communication with our partners.

If we’re not already Facebook friends, feel free to add me:

Now let’s talk about some of the recent features enhancements that have been implemented already inside of Shockey Monkey.

Billable Time Module

This module has been around for quite some time however it needed a refresher to be compatible with our new Android & iPhone apps. As you will see in the image below, we’ve implemented a more elaborate UI which allows you to easily select the date & time. The calculations happen a little differently on the back-end which was the main reason for the change. This will allow the mobile apps to tie in seamlessly with the data structure!

Improved Company & Contact Management

The next area that yielded quite a few partner requests were features that focused on client management. Here are a few that have already been implemented:

Disabled Contacts

We had complaints that when a contact had been disabled, there was no visual way to tell that it was actually disabled. The only way was to open the contact and the [disabled] tab would say [enable]. So we’ve implemented this visual adjustment.

New passwords

I’m sure you’ve never had a user who has forgotten their password or has had their password compromised. We’ll in case you come across this issue, we’ve implemented a button to make the password change a little easier. Simply click the [Generate Password] and a new 6 digit random password will be created.

Note: We’ve also removed the questionable characters from random passwords (I, I, L, l, 0, o, 1) to help prevent confusion.

Payment Methods

Last on the list for today, another highly requested feature was to flag or designate a company’s payment method to something other than credit. We have now added the ability for you to choose cash & check as additional payment methods.

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Getting Started in 10 Minutes
Posted: 12:53 am
December 23rd, 2011
Announcements, Features

sm10Perhaps the second biggest goal we had with Shockey Monkey Reloaded was to make it easy to use. Truth is, if you don’t use it the attempt to process-orient your business will just never happen. If you plan to make plans to organize your data and process in an effort to make a switch… you’ll find it that it never happens because you’ll never find the time to get everything together. This is why CRM and management systems fail in such huge numbers – if you had the capability to be organized you’d already be organized. Thankfully, for the rest of us normal busy people there is Shockey Monkey.

It won’t take months or weeks or days or phone calls or webinars. All you need is 10 minutes.

Click here to download the 10 minute guide.

It’s as simple as 1-5 and truth is, it takes less than 5 minutes to go through the steps. The last five minutes are to customize the card and let your clients know about it.

You need to start tracking your time and your activities. Don’t get bogged down with getting everyone involved or every tool integrated or every RMM reporting or figuring out where you saved your 2004 invoices. Just login, fill out some information, add your largest client and start tracking your interaction with them.

You will find it that just you, by yourself, will realize incredible productivity gains that you will do everything you can to involve everyone else. All your employees. All your vendors. All your customers. Life is just so much easier and less stressful with Shockey Monkey.

And now it’s even faster to get started. So what are you waiting for, do it right now.

P.S. Want the postcard template showcased in the guide? Get in touch with us, we’d love to hook you up!

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Shockey Monkey Training & Support
Posted: 4:23 pm
December 29th, 2010
Features, Support

Shockey Monkey is almost five months old and in the past few months we have collected a lot of data about the extent to which Shockey Monkey is used, where our users have obstacles and what happens when you login to Shockey Monkey for the first time. Many go right to settings but most go to Tickets, Contacts and Companies.

One critical piece of feedback we’ve received is that it’s hard to get started. Even though we have excellent documentation and forums, a new business process and a new application can always feel foreign. So we are taking some steps to get you started with Shockey Monkey and get your clients up to speed as well.

We would like your feedback on the following (email it to

Flash/Web: Getting Started In Under 5 Minutes

Windows Media: Getting Started In Under 5 Minutes

This video will be required when you first enter your Shockey Monkey Portal. The entire portal functionality will be disabled until you’ve watched the video and we expect to implement an end-user facing one in a similar fashion. Why not give everyone every advantage we possibly can, what’s five minutes?


The goal of this video is to introduce you to Shockey Monkey in under five minutes. It shows you how to brand your portal, how to create a new contact, new company, new ticket. Once the ticket is updated and worked on it shows you how to close the ticket, document it and send it for billing. It shows you how to review and bill time, post to an invoice and finally generate company reports to provide to the client or review your operations.

It’s dead simple. It’s quick. No scenes are deleted.

What we want to know: After you’ve watched the video, do you know how to add a ticket / company / ticket / invoice? Do you know where to go for support and additional documentation? (hint: there are tooltips throughout the video) Do you think you can do all of the above in under 5 minutes?


We expect to take our Documentation library and convert most of it to a video library and track it as a Shockey Monkey item. This way you can assign them to your staff and track when they view it, if they view it and so on.

We also anticipate recording another quick video for end users so they know how to open a support request, update a support request as well as review invoices or update credit card information.

But we do need your help: Please tell us if we’re on the right track. Shockey Monkey user base is exploding and we need to balance the fact that the product is free with the level of support and assistance you need in basing your business on Shockey Monkey. All feedback and help would be greatly appreciated.

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Introducing Service Manager
Posted: 3:16 pm
September 10th, 2010
Announcements, Features

During the launch of Shockey Monkey we talked a lot about the consumerization of IT – how IT departments, and us as managed services providers, will have to deal with clients demanding IT services in business that they get on their personal computers, phones and devices. Ever heard this one:

“How come we have to spend all this money when I can just send files and collaborate through and”

This is the cloud services trend that we are seeing and it is not one we can fight effectively through scare tactics of compliance, regulation and corporate security – users tend to do whatever it takes to get the job done and will eventually displace the IT managers and MSPs that stand in their way, even with the best of intentions.

With the design of Shockey Monkey we wanted to enable MSPs to embrace the consumerization and offer clients a simple, easy to use interfaces and processes that require little hassle in making the transaction and an agreement.

With Service Manager, Shockey Monkey enables you to become an instant cloud services provider. The future of the service manager will transform how you sell software and services as well. Think of it this way: If you make it easy for clients to buy your services, they will.

Powerful Integration with Own Web Now

service-manager-setup2Currently, the only services available are from Own Web Now. We anticipate to use it as a showcase to help third party vendors include their products in Shockey Monkey for you to resell. Through the API we can automatically link your Shockey Monkey with a third party web service:

service-manager-priceconfigReselling services comes at a cost that managed services provider incur to procure, deliver and configure the service. Shockey Monkey enables you to set your pricing defaults and markups so that your clients can tell what they will be paying for the service when they sign up for it. Since your clients pay you directly, the cost and margins are controlled by you.


disable-billingShockey Monkey can also keep your clients billing information up to date. For those of you that have SAS 70 audits, keeping client data up to date is critical and you can prompt for periodic updates right when the client signs in. For Service Manager purposes, entering into new agreements and service subscriptions means that the subscriber would have to agree to the terms and pay with a credit card. If this is how you operate, which is the best practice, Shockey Monkey Service Manager will prompt for a valid credit card when the client attempts to sign up for a service. If you bill for services through a third party, or do not wish Shockey Monkey to collect credit card information on your behalf, you can turn this feature off and your client will never be prompted for the credit card information. This setting is controlled through the Company tab by checking or unchecking “Disable Services Billing Info” feature.

email-notificationsBranding is critical in both preserving your business as the service provider as well as delivering useful information and notifications with the service subscription confirmation. Service Manager comes with default notifications that are sent to the user when they sign up for the service. You can customize those notifications through the Settings pages.

add-additionalsFinally, the actual service provisioning and configuration is a snap. The example illustrated here features Exchange 2010 order and shows the bare minimum of information required to setup an Exchange 2010 hosting service. As the user goes through the wizard they can add multiple mailboxes, setup email addresses, passwords, etc. The interface also provides helpful visual and service related information queues as the order is put together by the client. The overall design direction is to collect the minimum amount of information required to establish the service because our goal is to sign the client up and get them going. Once they are in the system, the more powerful dashboards and configuration screens become available for advanced configurations and powerful management.

The Future

Service Manager is about the future of how software, service and management contract subscriptions will be managed. Managed services providers need to become more agile and more flexible in the way services are delivered and purchased.


What you can expect in the future? Since the launch of Service Manager last week we have been contacted by many MSP vendors who wanted to offer their services through the Service Manager. Likewise, many of our Shockey Monkey customers wanted to offer their own, in-house solutions as a part of the service manager.

Think of a world in which all of your services are available through your portal and all you wake up to is orders streaming in around the clock. We hope Shockey Monkey is the center of that world!

Important information: Live presentation of this feature and many of the Q&A associated with it was recorded last week and is available for your viewing pleasure.

Click here to download the video.

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