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ShockeyMonkey Migration Window Closing
Posted: 1:37 pm
November 6th, 2015

From the initial release of ShockeyMonkey management platform we always hoped our partners would grow, succeed and eventually grow out of the free system we built to get them started. We’ve put in a lot of effort to create not just the migration but the co-existence system in ShockeyMonkey that would allow you to work in ShockeyMonkey while you moved your data up to a third party platform (Autotask, ConnectWise, etc).

As you have grown so has the monkey and with our upcoming updates in Shockey Monkey 2016 you’ll already be on one of the most powerful business management platforms around. On December 31st, 2015 we will cease supporting and integrating with third party PSA systems and will be removing third party proprietary APIs. Not only do we believe that we now have the best platform for our partners, but we had to make a decision about how we allocate scarce development resources and whether we invest them in you or in a third party.

You will still be able to export and back up your data and we will shortly introduce you to a third party that can help you port that data to any platform you wish. Unfortunately due to NDA and API contracts we cannot open source software that has third party API intellectual property nor would it be very helpful as those APIs tend to change frequently.

As always, thank you for trusting ShockeyMonkey to manage your business. We hope you continue to love what we are building for you.

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Feature Ideas!
Posted: 8:11 pm
October 28th, 2013

Keeping this short and sweet!

Next up on the wishlist: Shockey Monkey Outlook addin.. What would you like to be able to do with it? Currently it takes an email you’re reading and with a click generates either a task or a ticket. What else would you like it to do?

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Shockey Monkey launches native app for Android phones & tablets
Posted: 4:12 pm
September 11th, 2013

We are proud to announce that Shockey Monkey is now available for download on your Android device. This app does require Android version 4.0 and higher in order to install and take advantage of its great features. Now you can take your service desk with you on the road and never again be stranded without knowing exactly what support issues await your arrival.


Google Play Link – Shockey Monkey

We’ve taken the feedback from our previously release BETA that was published to the iPad to enhance this experience. The Shockey Monkey app now supports background synchronization, so you are no longer stuck sitting and watching a loading screen for long periods of time. You also now have complete control over your companies & contacts, with the ability to dial them from the application.

We’ve implemented an advanced synchronization module that will feed information efficiently and provide you with more accurate and up to date information. You have access to all of your open tickets within your portal and can easily navigate, update and retrieve critical information from these tickets. This become critical when you are on the road and forget your job details or new jobs come in within a moment’s notice!


We also have more good news!

We are so pleased with the outcome of this new app, that we are pushing the changes onto the Apple iOS version as well. We have already finished the iPhone port and are making the updates to the iPad app currently. We hope that by the end of the month both of these new mobile apps will be available via the iTunes and you can take Shockey Monkey anywhere your job takes you!

Hank Newman

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Experimental Features
Posted: 8:53 pm
May 28th, 2013

With the release of Shockey Monkey v.3 this year, we added a section under the Settings tab called Experimental Features. As the name suggests, these are features we are testing to determine their practicality within the support portal. The overwhelming majority of those who have implemented the features have raved about their ability and also their functions. However, it occurred to me during a phone conversation with a Shockey Monkey partner that all our subscribers might not know these features. This was simply an oversight on my end due to my close proximity to the platform and something I hope to rectify with this blog post!

It needs to be mentioned that only persons assigned the role of an Admin can access the Settings tab where the Experimental Features section is located. No Employee roles have access to the Settings or Corporate tabs. Therefore, if you do not see a Settings tab after logging in, you do not have Admin rights. Consult a person with Admin rights to consider the Experimental Features discussed in this post.

To consider and test the Experimental Features for your portal:

1.)   Log in with Admin privileges;

2.)   Locate and click on the Settings tab;

3.)   Find and click on the Experimental Features section.

You should now see something similar this image below:

Under the Service Board section, you will notice four checkboxes. Checking and unchecking the boxes with enable or disable the feature respectfully. Let’s take a look into each one and go over the features individually.

  • Show [Ticket #] in ticket listing – When enabled, this will display ticket numbers inside your Service Boards. These ticket numbers cannot currently be modified. Feature requests have been entered to our Development Team for consideration.
  • Show [Assigned To] in the ticket listing – When enabled, this features displays the name of the person that the ticket is assigned to (if anyone). The name will appear next to the ticket on all Service Boards.
  • Highlight tickets that are assigned to me in the ticket listing – When this feature is enabled, all tickets assigned to you will be highlighted in yellow. This makes finding tickets assigned to you  easier when viewing any Service Board.
  • Allow clients to [close] tickets – As described, enabling this feature allows your clients to close tickets. Many firms leave this feature disabled, as they like to review the tickets to make sure items were handled properly before closing.

The last feature is Chat.

With Chat, you can enable to disable the chat ability within your portal. When enabled, your clients can enable a chat session within the portal to speak with someone concerning technical support, billing, pre-sales, etc. When your employees log into your company’s portal, they will see if your clients have initiated a chat session.

If you haven’t tried these experimental features within your portal, I highly recommend you check them out. We are continuously working on Shockey Monkey to make it everything you need to run your business as simple and convenient as possible. We are listening! If you have feature requests that you would like considered for future releases of Shockey Monkey, logged them under Community > Feature tab inside your Own Web Now Support Portal ( The Development Team has quarterly code-review meetings to go over all the Feature Requests and Bug Reports that our partners (and occasionally the support staff) submit, so I can assure you that the right people will see them.

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Developer’s Journal – Shockey Monkey Reporting
Posted: 5:56 pm
May 8th, 2013

This week we have returned our development focus to Shockey Monkey Reporting. You may remember from earlier last month we released our first revised report:

Employee – Billable Ticket Summary

  • This is a report that will generated the billable time across service tickets for an employee based on time entry against those tickets.

Since then we have added several new reports to this engine and are very pleased with the results. We have also made sure that every single report is printable; we know this has always been a huge feature request.

Employee – Billable Time

  • This report gives you a calculated total of billable ticket hours for a given employee.

Clients – Active Summary

  • This report gives you an overview of your clients and the last time a touch or invoice was created for them.

Clients – Billable Time

  • This report gives you an overview of your clients and billable time entered against their tickets.

Internal – Inventory

  • This report gives you an overview of the inventory currently listed within your portal.

Since this re-write of our report engine began several months back, we talked about a dynamic report engine. This engine would allow you to customize and build a report of the current information inside of your portal. We have finished the first section: Tickets and have added it into the reporting engine.

*BETA* – Report Templates

This section allows you to manage your report templates. You can add/edit a template or select the desired template and generated a new report, which will be saved for viewing at a later time. Clicking on the Last Generated date, will open the currently generated report.

*BETA* – New Report

This section is where you will create a new report template or edit and existing one. You will notice at the top of the page, you can enter information about the report template. Then below that section you assign filters and decide which columns should be visible in the generated report.

*BETA* – Generated Report

Upon viewing a generated report you will see something like this, depending on the columns you marked as visible and the report filters that were configured. As mentioned before, this report is printable along with every other report in this new system. Upon clicking the print button, it will open a new window with the printable information.

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Why Go PRO?
Posted: 12:17 pm
April 19th, 2013

While the FREE version of Shockey Monkey will work for the majority of companies, I personally believe that PRO is the way to go! With both versions of the Shockey Monkey platform, you are still going to get the simplest and most effective IT Management Platform and Customer Relationship Management System that unifies support, services, management, reporting, accounting, and sales activity.  However, with Shockey Monkey Pro, you get a whole lot more, including:

  • SSL Certificate – Allows for a completely white-labeled URL.
  • Email-to-Ticket Connector – Useful for all clients that want to email into your portal and create tickets.
  • No Advertisements – You may be saying to yourself, “Well, I don’t see ads in the FREE version now.” Well, currently that is the case. However, ads will start being pushed into FREE Shockey Monkey portals very soon.
  • Add Additional Employees – With both the FREE and PRO versions, we cap the number of users (or employees) at two. Only with the PRO version can you add additional employees to your portal.
  • Support – While documentation is available to all, technical support is only offered to our PRO subscribers. To obtain support for Shockey Monkey PRO, all you have to do is open a ticket like you would for ExchangeDefender products and services.
  • Hosted Exchange Essentials mailboxes – This is a brand new feature for Shockey Monkey. With every employee you have in your Shockey Monkey PRO portal, you will receive a Hosted Exchange Essentials mailbox.

If you don’t see value in the PRO version of Shockey Monkey by now, I can’t help you… I just listed six features that value way more than $49.99 a month. You can see by the price, we are not trying to get rich from the product. We are trying to offer you a way to productively track your business and customers at a very reasonable price.  So if you are currently a Shockey Monkey FREE subscriber looking to upgrade to PRO; click onSettings and then click Subscriptions while inside your portal. Follow the directions and start enjoying the benefits of Shockey Monkey Pro!!!

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Shockey Monkey Report Engine
Posted: 2:44 pm
April 17th, 2013

Over the years reporting has always been a highly requested feature inside of Shockey Monkey. The biggest issue that we have faced with reporting has been trying to please everyone. While one user may absolutely love everything about the pre-defined reports, other users consider them useless. Well we believe that we have come up with a solution to fix that issue. Dynamic Reporting; we let you pick the information that is critical to you and your company, and then generate a report based on top of that template. Unfortunately this feature is not quite ready yet, we are hoping in a few weeks.

However, let’s go over the basics of how this works.

  1. You pick a type, (Ticket, Contact, Company, etc)
  2. Based on that choice optional fields will populate under [Report Filter].
  3. Create the report.
  4. Run the report.
  5. Some reports will take a long time to generate, based on the type and filters.
  6. View the generated report after is has finished, (instantly).

We also understand that this Dynamic Engine will not be able to produce every single (detailed) report that may exceed outside of the scope of dynamic generation. So we will also have (revamped) pre-defined reports, that may be executed on the fly.

Employee – Billable Ticket Summary is the first report that we’ve added to the system and is CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. This report generates an overview of your Employees billable time inside and across all tickets within the provided date range. You can see from the screenshot below how this looks, across several employees.

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Thank You!
Posted: 9:14 pm
April 10th, 2013

With update 3.3 successfully pushed out to all the portals about a month ago, we have turned our attention to the bug report. Over the past two weeks, the Shockey Monkey team has been working on debugging the entire portal. We have reviewed your bug reports, re-examined code, re-written code, and patched the majority of bugs that were concerning our  partners. We are also in the process of updating the Shockey Monkey Documentation page to reflect new features that were introduced by the 3.3 update. Furthermore, we are working on organizing the How-To and Deep Dive guides on the site to make items easier to locate when you need assistance.

We see the orders come in daily and thank each and every one of you for allowing us to help assist in managing your business. Because of you, Shockey Monkey has become one of the fastest growing IT Management Platform and Customer Relationship Management System in the industry. While perfection is never attainable, our entire Shockey Monkey Team knows that without our partners this would not have been as successful as it has been. With the ever changing landscape of the IT industry, Shockey Monkey will never be a completed platform. We will strive to keep innovating new features that will not only help run your business more smoothly, but hopefully put some additional income in your pockets.

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Squashing Bugs in Shockey Monkey!
Posted: 2:59 pm
April 10th, 2013

Over the course of the last few months we have published a significant amount of new features into Shockey Monkey. However, these last few weeks we have been focused on fixing some outstanding bugs within our software. With the introduction of our guided setup coming soon, we are trying to assure that we eliminate all of the bugs that have a huge impact on your ability to run your business.

Here are some of the bugs that were addressed over the last few weeks:

  • Administrators cannot approve/deny time sheets or time off requests. This has been fixed – Not only can administrator’s change the status on these requests, but employees can now see that status when they view their request.
  • Employees were able to see the Corporate tab, when they did not have administrative privileges. This has been fixed – While they could see the tab, they did not have the ability to view/edit any information contained within this section. However, we have fixed the issue that was allowed them to view this section.
  • When creating an employee for the first time the access level was not being applied to the account. It would require an edit/save, for the access level to take place. This has been fixed – Now when an employee is created, the access level is applied instantly.
  • Within the contact/company section when trying to use the lookup feature you would be presented with a 404 popup. This has been resolved.
  • Multiple issues with the Documents section within the portal. We have fixed these issues and made some visual improvements to this section.
  • Issues with Settings > Experimental Features, which would not allow clients to close a ticket. This has been resolved.
  • Links have been added back to the dashboard.
  • The agreement section had several issues, which have been addressed.
  • Administrators/Employees can no longer remove themselves from the system. This fixes an issue where users would remove the last administrator from the portal “themselves”, thus locking themselves out of their portal.
  • The SLA System, has received a major rewrite and now functions as intended.
  • The project section had several bugs, which were limiting the functionality of this section. This section is due for an update both visually and functionality wise, look forward to this in an upcoming release.
  • Upon having a ticket assigned to an employee, they would receive an empty email. This has been resolved; information is now contained within these emails.
  • There was a bug that would cause ticket rendering to become jumbled, upon adding an internal note. This has been resolved.

Next week, we should have a very exciting addition to Shockey Monkey! Make sure to check back next week, you don’t want to miss this new feature. I will say that it is something that has been requested for quite some time now.

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Quarterly Review – Developer’s Journal
Posted: 2:58 pm
April 3rd, 2013

Shockey Monkey has been our major (development) focus over the course of Q1. We have found this experience to be very challenge, while also being very rewarding. The biggest challenge has been standardizing code throughout the portal. Some of these standardizations include areas of focus such as: (structure, formats, error handling, and security).

Why is this important?

This is important as we move forward, to help achieve a rapid development environment. We’ve actually been doing this gradually over the last few years and the process is becoming easier and easier. We have already seen the benefits of this design method, as you will see from the content and enhancements that have been produced in only a couple of months. This will also play a huge role when we push further towards internationalization of Shockey Monkey.

So what’s new?

Ticket Dispatch

This feature allows you to schedule technicians to a service ticket. You can have one or multiple employees assigned to a ticket and it will appear on their calendar.

Schedule Control

Every employee has a personal calendar that they can: (use, modify and share) and link into service tickets, to help keep them on track of their daily assignments. The schedule component is also HTML5 compatible, so it can be accessed directly from any HTML5 compatible smartphone.

Vendor Management

This allows you to keep track of your 3rd party companies. You can manage things like (documents, address information, primary contacts, sensitive information, etc.). It centralizes all of this information for easy access and management.

Career Management

This allows you to keep track of your employees (achievements, goals and reprimands).

Service Boards

This is by far one of the best features in my opinion. It allows you to configure (private & public) service boards for use within your portal. Public boards are presented to users when they open a ticket, things such as (support, billing, and sales). While private boards give your employees a way to sort & manage all the internal workings of the company.


Yes, Shockey Monkey is once again theme-able. Taking advantage of Jquery UI theme packs and standardizing all of our (tables, divs, controls, elements), themes are now easily applied and have a consistent look between browsing platforms.

Experimental Features

This section has been expanded to allows up to give you immediate access to feature requests that you may want, however don’t really fit anywhere inside of the portal quite yet. Check it out periodically; we have already added 5 options to this section.

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